Nyctophagia - Terrified of Tomorrow

by Old Grindered Days Records

SATANIC ASSASSINATION Blood oath to chaos Knife kissed by the black flame Incantations to Leviathan Services of death Rendered to the highest bidder The task blessed by the void Killed before you know it A whisper in the shadows Consigned to darkness while he licks his lips
LOSE CONTROL OF THE HOSTAGES Seemingly well-planned takeover Goes increasingly awry Unexpected drive to fight And will to survive Shackles broken, blindfolds off Screaming from the depth of their souls Fanatics overrun at their posts Lost control of the hostages Captors pummeled and defeated The formerly sequestered Walk proudly into the sun
BLACK MARKET MESOTHORAX The depths of the bustling market Hidden behind the shroud Code word gives you access to the secret stash Spermatheca, malphigian tubules Occeli, segmental ganglion Strange exoterrestrial collection Endowed with the power of the insect Black market mesothorax – purchased to what end?
PUMPED FULL OF NITROGLYCERIN AND THROWN OFF A ROOF Method of disposal sends an unmistakable message Systems go haywire as the explosive is injected Moments of clarity melt into chemical hallucinations The illusion of flying, peace is within your grasp Until you explode in flames and corporeal mist 69 feet below
EARWITNESS TO A CRIME Compelled to dredge from memory the sounds of distress in the night Your soul churns at the imitation of sounds you vowed to forget It’s not what you see It’s not what you smell Unmistakable shrieks Earwitness to a crime
CLOUDS GO DOWN IN FLAMES Send aloft wretched toxins Fatal to the beauty of the sky Nimbus forms distort in poison Clouds go down in flames Burning rain like razors Clouds go down in flames The smog never stops churning Air melts before our very eyes
CRISIS ON THE MICRONATION Alone at sea and undefended Attackers drop from the sky A prisoner in your own kingdom Valiant struggle against your captors Hands bloat as you fight to get the ropes untied Left naked and alone Mind adrift with vengeance You’ll soon make your return The spirit of Sealand – E Mare Libertas Crisis on the micronation
World Toilet 01:03
WORLD TOILET Deranged human outlook Repulsive self-interest Plastics CEOs celebrate their wealth Psychotic fealty to your gods A disgusting sense of righteousness Worldview dictated by conspiracy A proud disdain for compassion And a true unwillingness to learn Mankind was a mistake Society was even worse
THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF M. VALDEMAR (INSTANT PUTREFACTION) Experiments in hypnotism Temporal suspension at the moment of death Limbo in an unknown realm “Unusually perfect state of mesmeric trance” Until the moment when putrefaction comes alive A croak from deep in a tortured throat The human form turns to mush A putrid curtain collapsing on the stage of life “Upon the bed there lay a nearly liquid mass of loathsome putridity” Guilt and disdain for what you’ve done Human life absolutely rotted away beneath your hands
BREAKING ALL YOUR BONES Metacarpal massacre Spinal atrocity Tibial terrorism Osseous catastrophe Every bone is broken A baglike human form Splinters of bone float within Breaking all your bones
PERVERTED WORLD LEADER Drooling skull of annihilation Masturbating with the chains of fate Lives and wellbeing mean nothing Astride the dungheap of reality Erect penis of power Explosions of pleasure Moaning nuclear codes
THE EARTH DESERVES BETTER Completely out of step with the natural rhythms From which we used to derive sustenance and joy The beautiful pulse and thrum of life Commodified and consumed A cry to Mother Mountain Weeping with the forests and seas The Earth deserves better We are unworthy of its splendor
SHOOT MY IRRADIATED BODY INTO SPACE Horrifying exogenesis Baffling maladaptation Of extradimensional life Exuding catastrophic radiation Eject me from this earth Shoot my irradiated body into space I cannot safely exist on this planet Shoot my irradiated boy into space
CHRISTIAN COP ORGANIZATION Intolerance subsumes any sense of justice Justified by the supremacy of your god Blood runs hot with lust for violence Screaming hymns to your creator Beating the drums of your faith with a nightstick Marching lockstep in a fascist stride Hellish den of patriotism Christian cop organization Merciless, brainless, sick, cruel
PUNCTURE-PULL FEEDING Teeth gnash and glimmer The putrid stink Of the monster’s breath A simple fact of life I have to meet this end Teeth pierce my torso Turning skin to ribbons in front of me Puncture-pull feeding I can’t begrudge the ravenous urge
SQUIRMING PARASITES Wriggling oily worms Eating my feces from the inside Piles of cestodes and tongue worms Lice, phorid flies, and myxozoa Mountain of squirming parasites Grown over with pathogenic fungus Competition favoring virulence Modifying host behavior to consume more wolbachia Ancient trichomonas encased in amber Ruptured and unleashed


Songs deranged and decomposed by Dylan
Each instrument recorded by its respective “musician” between April 2020 and February 2021
Non-pitched vocals recorded by Christian GM in Xalapa, Mexico in January 2021
Mixed and Mastered by Cody Davidson in March 2021
Leads: "An̶t̶h̶r̶o̶p̶o̶polypropylcene" on track 1 and "The Squelchy Roundness of a Still Warm Body" on track 5 courtesy of the mad genius Inverted Ross.
Guest pukes throughout by Isaac and Kyle S.
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released October 17, 2021


all rights reserved



Old Grindered Days Records Petrolina, Brazil

Grind / Gore label and distribution based in Petrolina/PE, Brasil.

Active since 2010.

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